I heard about the Umonics Method through the grapevine. A friend of mine new the founder and he was conducting an initial class. I heard good reviews from my friend and decided to take the opportunity to sign up my daughter through her contacts.

The Umonics Method is a memory training program for preschoolers. Preschoolers are taught to read and write but not how to memorise. This is a big gap in the preschooler enrichment.

My friend said that her daughter memory abilities grew exponentially after attending the class. She said her daughter was able to memorise a 5 list of 10 items each in order and then perfect recall those list in sequence.

I was also drawn into it because the founder and curriculum developer is a memory record holder that emphasises on the fact that the whole left and right brain learning is a myth that has been disproved for more than a decade yet there are still schools out there that advertise their program as being right or left-brain training. The team over at The Umonics Method is clearly doing their research which is comforting to know.

I initially signed up for 4 sessions. In that session, my daughter learned the list-story technique to memorise lists and the number shape system to memorise digits. After the 4 lessons, she was able to recall multiple numbers of lists and memorised both mine and my hubby’s mobile phone numbers. Each session was about 60 minutes long with plenty of emphasis on learning through play.

I have signed up for more session as my I saw massive improvement in my child’s ability to memorise and recall and whats more my daughter loves it.

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